about the owner/photographer...

Melisa is an award winning photographer located in Western Maryland. She specializes in Wedding and High School Senior Photography, creating beautiful and exclusive art for her clients.  Melisa has over 10 years of experience and continually educates herself and her support staff in the photography techniques and business trends.  Melisa has spent years developing, defining, and refining her signature editing style that has become her trademark in the photography community.  She is dedicated to capturing the moments, and the moments between the moments, that make your story uniquely yours.  Melisa's commitment and passion results in beautiful imagery and art that you will be able to pass down to generation after generation.   

about our company...

MelisaConroy Photography, LLC began over 10 years ago in the transformed dining room of it's owner's home.  In the beginning of 2018 they opened their first store front studio, nestled in the Loft Suite at 1190 Mt. Aetna Road Hagerstown, MD.  The Studio is a boutique style photography company that specializes in Wedding and High School Senior Photography.  They serve the Western Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC, West Virginia, and the surrounding communities.  They cater to their clients by providing them with a stylized session experience created exclusively for them.  Melisa, and her small support staff, have researched prints and products from the industry's most elite labs to develop a signature line of the highest quality archival prints, albums, and wall art.  The company and it's small staff are dedicated to providing clients with amazing experiences, beautiful memories, and the highest quality prints and image products the industry has to offer.  While developing these products and stylized sessions for their clients the company has successfully maintained the "hometown, mom & pop, community first" foundation that the company was built upon.


a personal note from Melisa...

I love my job.  I love my clients.  I love photography.  
More importantly I BELIEVE in photography.
I believe that photography evokes emotions and memories like no other medium.  
I believe that photography is the best, most accurate “historian” that a family can have.  I believe that photography remembers what the years forget.  I believe that photography is the only thing that can actually make time stand still. I believe that photography should be protected, cherished, and passed down for generations.

I also believe in customer service above all else and take pride in the fact that our clients become our family.
I love to tell stories through my art and I would be honored to tell yours!
Your story is worthy of being told again and again... we want to help you tell it.