The Answers...  

booking reserving your session date:

q- How far in advance do you book your dates?

a- Typically senior sessions are booked in the Spring/Summer of your Junior year.  You should call to schedule your preferred date in the Winter/Spring of your Junior year to be certain that you book your first choice of dates.

q- How much is your retainer?

a- In order to reserve your requested date a non-refundable retainer of $300 is required to be paid at the time of booking.

q- Do you offer payment plans?

a- Yes, we offer a no interest payment plan... please note that no prints/products will be ordered until your balance is paid in full.


prints, products, albums:

q- What is a print credit and how do I use it?

a- A print credit can be used on any of our professional prints and products. You can purchase print credit in any dollar amount to be used toward your final order total.

q- If I purchase an album, do you choose the photos to design my album or do I have to do it?

a- Before designing your album I will ask you to choose your favorite images from your collection. Because I design pages with colors and textures in mind, I will use a combination of your choices and others I have selected to design the pages.

q- How much do your clients usually invest in wall art and products?

a- Our average client will invest $500-$2500 in artwork and other products for their home, albums, and prints for their family.


About Your Session:

q- How many outfit changes am I allowed?

a- As many as you'd like!  Our rule of thumb is: bring as much as you'd like... we would rather you bring things that we decide not to use than for you to go home wishing you would have brought more.

q- What about props?

a- Yes!  We feel the same about props and accessories as we do about outfit changes.  Bring it all and we'll use what feels right and the things you love the most.

q- Am I committed to only one location?

a- Nope!  We will go to as many locations as you'd like.  Typically, we end up with around 2 locations ... usually an urban location and a suburbs location is requested.  

q- What about my formal image for my school's yearbook?

a- We will take care of that for you as well.  The image is taken at our studio and we will submit it to your year book adviser.  Keep in mind that if you attend a school in Washington County your school will have a deadline within the first week or two of October so you will need to have the formal image taken by the end of September.

q- So does that mean that I have to have my portrait session done before September?  I really wanted Fall images.

a- No, it certainly doesn't!  All that means is that your formal portrait needs to be taken by the end of September.  We can do your full session at any time of the seasons as you would like... and no, there isn't any additional session fee when you take that option.



q- Is there a contract to sign?

a- Yes, to protect all involved we are legally required to provide a signed contract for services. The contract and retainer are required upon reserving your selected date.

q- What forms of payment do you accept?

a- We accept most major credit cards, debit cards, checks made out to "Conroy Photography, LLC", and cash payments. 


q- Do you edit our images fully?

a- Yes, your images will be carefully hand processed so that your entire collection is consistent in vibrant color, correct lighting, and accurate skin tones. We will also process a select amount of your images as black & white, and with other custom enhancements.


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