Why It's Not Too Early

To Book Your Senior Session

It's barely the end of April in your Junior Year and suddenly you're seeing Senior Photo Session information everywhere... and you're thinking... "Wait, what?!?!?! Isn't it way too early to be thinking about Senior Photos... I mean, I'm not even a Senior yet"!

  I'm here to tell you that it's absolutely not too early, at least not from the point of view of a photographer's schedule, to book your Senior photo session.

Whether you prefer to have your photos in the fresh blooms of Spring, the warmth of Summer, the gorgeous foliage of Fall, or with your ice skates or skis in the snowflakes of Winter NOW is the time to book your session.

First let's clarify what "booking" a session means: booking a session quite simply means reserving a date in the future to have your photo session.  No one can predict what they'll be doing in 4 months or what the weather may be but once you're on a photographer's schedule, you're an established client and it's much easier to re-schedule during the busy season than it is to schedule.  Most of us prioritize during our busy months and re-scheduling someone who is already on your books tends to take priority.  

Still wondering why you should book now... here's why:

  I could easily list a dozen or more reasons why it's not too early to book your Senior photo session however, I'm pretty confident that you get the picture.  So, give us a call, send us a text or email... just get your Senior session booked!

 Chat soon... 

      xoxo, Missie